What Would You Do With 32?

What Would You Do With 32?

Posted on February 28th, by Move the GTHA in Civic Engagement, Discussion. No Comments

Getting. Around. Town. Can. Take. An. Eternity.

But it doesn’t have to. It can be so much better.

The Greater CivicAction Alliance has launched a campaign to build public and decision-maker appreciation for the need to invest in a better regional transportation network, and the need to find ways to pay for it.

There’s already a plan in place to dramatically improve transportation in the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area – one that could actually save you an average of 32 minutes on your daily commute. But it will take all of our support to help make it happen. Together, we’ll make transportation in the region more efficient and connect people in ways never dreamed of before.

Support greater investment in transportation. Learn more at your32.com, and share what you would do with 32.

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