Transport Futures

Transport Futures

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Established in April 2008, Transport Futures is the only Ontario-based organization facilitating a rational dialogue on a range of challenging TDM measures and infrastructure funding mechanisms. Over 65 global experts and 1,000 delegates have participated in conferences, seminars and roundtable discussions focusing on road pricing, parking fees and gas taxes as part of the answer to traffic congestion, emissions, urban sprawl and other transport-related impacts. In so doing, Transport Futures has confirmed that these three mobility pricing measures can be used by governments to modify driver behaviour, raise dedicated revenue for transport infrastructure and potentially assist in making bureaucracies more efficient, transparent and accountable to the public.  On the flip side, we have learned that mobility pricing will continue to face public acceptance challenges related to technology choices, social equity, political leadership and institutional governance.  So, while our learning events and media interviews have helped make incremental headway on mobility pricing policies over the last five years, more must be done.  You are invited to get involved as an event partner, sponsor or volunteer.

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