The Big Race: A Student Web Series on Transit in the GTHA

The Big Race: A Student Web Series on Transit in the GTHA

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Students have joined the transportation conversation and voiced their support for investment in The Big Move by launching The Big Race.

Produced by students at Centennial College’s Centre for Creative Communications, The Big Race is an eight-part web series documenting the challenges faced by transit riders in the Toronto Region.

The series takes an Amazing Race-like approach to commuting and using public transit. Contestants are given challenges and checkpoints mimicking the errands thousands of resident complete everyday using public transportation. Whether it’s grocery shopping, taking a child to daycare or catching the GO at Union Station, public transit is often the only way to get there.

Traveling from areas with few employment opportunities into the downtown core, The Big Race demonstrates the challenges and obstacles in the way of getting to work on time using a system at capacity and in need of greater integration.

Contestants in The Race include Mitzie Hunter, CEO of CivicAction; Dave Meslin, community advocate; and Kendell Duthie, full-time student and expectant mother. Each webisode centres on themes such as accessibility, congestion, and access to employment.

Watch the trailer and read more about the project on the Big Race Blog and Twitter.

The series premiers Wednesday April 17 at the CivicAction Forum: Our Region, Our Move.

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