Cycle ON, Ontario’s cycling strategy gets a boost

Cycle ON, Ontario’s cycling strategy gets a boost

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The Ontario Ministry of Transportation released a 20-year cycling strategy outlining its vision for cycling in the province. The strategy targets five strategic directions:

  • Design healthy, active and prosperous communities
  • Improve cycling infrastructure
  • Make highways and streets safer
  • Promote cycling awareness and behavioural shifts
  • Increase cycling tourism opportunities

The vision of the CycleON strategy is to ensure that, “cycling in Ontario is recognized, respected and valued as a core mode of transportation that provides individuals and communities with health, economic, environmental, social and other benefits.”

The report makes note that cycling is playing a growing role in transportation planning, and is not only seen as a sustainable transportation option but one with important health benefits.

The Toronto Centre for Active Transportation (TCAT), Cycle Toronto and the Toronto Cycling Think and Do Tank applauded the announcement and responded with recommendations to move the strategy into action. Funding commitments from the province’s annual budget and a provincial Complete Streets policy to complement the new cycling strategy were among the priorities outlined in their release.

“We look forward to seeing implementation steps in the near future, to turn this great vision into a concrete reality for Ontario.”
 says Beth Savan from the Toronto Cycling Think and Do Tank at the University of Toronto.

Check out the full #CycleON report.

Photo: Andrew Rivett, via Wikimedia Commons

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