Trust and Prosperity at Stake: Time for Rational and Regional Decision-making

Trust and Prosperity at Stake: Time for Rational and Regional Decision-making

Posted on October 9th, by Move the GTHA in Featured, Discussion. 2 comments

In the midst of a heated Scarborough subway debate, CivicAction Chair John Tory issued an open letter to elected officials of the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area.

The letter calls upon elected officials to adhere to four principles as they implement funding for transportation expansion in the region:

  • We need to think and act like a region.
  • We need a funding plan in place so we have sustainable funding sources to build out our transportation network.
  • Transparency and accountability in how we raise and spend money are not optional.
  • We must build trust and build communities.

Tory emphasizes that transportation planning must be fact-based, and not influenced by politics. So far 126 elected officials have signed the Your32 pledge, supporting transportation investment in the GTHA. A further 2600 residents have also signed the pledge.

Keeping a eye on the larger network is also a priority for the region, “while there is encouraging progress underway, we need to keep a laser focus on building out the full regional network, which includes rapid transit, enhanced and electrified GO service, improvements to roads, highways, and walking and cycling infrastructure, and support for municipal transit systems.”

Read the full letter, Trust and Prosperity at Stake: Time for Rational and Regional Decision-making.

2 thoughts on “Trust and Prosperity at Stake: Time for Rational and Regional Decision-making

  1. I am one of the fortunate ones in the GTHA who have a commute of less than 20 minutes with several options for my route. Transit is important for all of us and I often use the GO when traveling to Toronto from Hamilton. The service from Aldershot to Union Station is convenient and affordable. While I support the use of public money to help finance new transit infrastructure, I would remind everyone involved in the decision making process that there is only one tax payer no matter if the money comes from the federal, provincial or municipal government. The Metrolynx proposal to increase property taxes in the GTHA has been universally rejected in a survey of my customers in Ancaster. Most people would favor a system of user pay such as a congestion tax as used in some European cities.
    Thanks for the opportunity to share my thoughts.



  2. I am a former resident of the GTA having been born and raised there I have seen the deterioration of the highways and transit systems every year
    Something must be done to encourage growth in business and industry or the city will continue to loose the people who pay the bills the taxpayers

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