Move the GTHA Submission to the Provincial Transit Investment Strategy Advisory Panel

Move the GTHA Submission to the Provincial Transit Investment Strategy Advisory Panel

Posted on December 4th, by Move the GTHA in Featured, Discussion. 1 Comment

As a part of the Provincial Transit Investment Strategy Advisory Panel’s consultation of the public and stakeholders, Move the GTHA submitted collective expectations and advice for the panel on November 26. The submission advises that it is important that a clear and specific funding commitment with new revenue generating tools is included in the provincial Spring 2014 Budget. While debt instruments are needed for implementation right now, there should be new revenue generated for repayment of the capital raised of a minimum of $2 billion per year.

The submission further outlines criteria that should guide how dollars are raised. Specifically, funds that are:

  • Dedicated: Revenues should be dedicated to transportation infrastructure and operations and not go into the general tax pool or be diverted to other priorities.
  • Efficient: Governments should demonstrate that they’re spending the public’s money wisely and getting the best possible value when investing in our regional transportation system.
  • Transparent and Accountable: Governments should be clear and open when deciding which projects to fund, demonstrating how they’re spending our money, and reporting on project results.
  • Fair and equitable: Costs should be distributed among everyone who benefits, either directly or indirectly. The impacts of any new costs for transportation expansion should be distributed as equitably as possible and not increase the burden on people with lower incomes.
  • Sustainable: Funding must be stable and consistent over the 25 years it will take to build out The Big Move.

In addition, that value for money is demonstrated from day one to allow for immediate operating improvements for local and GO transit services and improved active transportation infrastructure as soon as revenue tools are implemented. While this “kick-start” investment would be a time-limited enhancement, these investments would demonstrate value to residents.

Maintaining transparency and accountability through a clear governance process based on rational analysis and clarity on why, how, and when funds will be spent, and with the broader regional perspective in mind, is integral to gaining and maintaining public support for The Big Move.

Read the full submission here.

One thought on “Move the GTHA Submission to the Provincial Transit Investment Strategy Advisory Panel

  1. What a stupid survey.

    “How do you typically commute to work?”
    You only give one option. I typically commute by 1) Bicycle 2) Public Transit 3) Car; depending on time of the year, weather conditions, and my schedule.
    A rank order would have been more appropriate. When I commute by bike I typically average around 22 to 23 minutes per trip. By TTC, the trip averages around 35 minutes (and up to an hour!!); by car it’s around 23 to 25 minutes if you include the time it takes to park.

    For the question, how much does it cost to commute – your options are ridiculous. If you own a car, your costs are automatically greater than $100 a month. If you commute by transit, and you take transit twice a day, 5 days a week, your commuting costs are automatically greater than $100.

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