It’s Time to Move on Gridlock: Survey participants weigh in on their commute

It’s Time to Move on Gridlock: Survey participants weigh in on their commute

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There’s no question that the GTHA is choking on traffic. If you regularly travel on any major road or highway in the region chances are you’ve wasted endless hours getting to and from work, school or social events.

In our recent survey of nearly 25,000 GTHA residents, 64 percent of respondents in the GTHA said that they typically commute to work by car. It’s no wonder we’re sitting in traffic. The average commute in the region adds up to more than an hour each day and that number is expected to grow to an average of two hours over the next 25 years. With this information in hand, 75 percent of respondents said that they would support additional investment in public transit to prevent this two-hour commute from becoming a reality.

A key recommendation made by Move the GTHA to the Provincial Transit Panel in December included a call for immediate improvements to transit services in the region once funding is in place. This improved service is integral to demonstrate value-for-money. While this “kick-start” approach would be a time-limited enhancement leading up to the full implementation of The Big Move, it will have an immediate and positive impact on residents’ daily commute. Simply by improving service with more options and frequency, 52 percent of drivers said they would use public transit more often.

It is clear that the region needs dedicated, fair and sustainable sources of revenue to keep our region moving. With new, dedicated funding we can dramatically improve transportation in our region—improving our economy, health and environment. It’s time to move on gridlock.

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Photo: Robert Jack 啸风 Will via Wikimedia Commons

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