What the Party Leaders are Saying

What the Party Leaders are Saying

Posted on May 23rd, by Move the GTHA in Featured, Discussion. 1 Comment

CivicAction asked the leaders of the four major parties in the 2014 Ontario Election where they stand in terms of supporting greater investment in transportation, with the following questions:

1.    Yes or No: Will you commit to  improving our daily commutes by delivering dedicated and sustainable funding for new transportation services and infrastructure in the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area?

 2.    How will you ensure that this funding is transparent and accountable, so taxpayers know that their dollars are being spent wisely?

 3.    How will you take steps to create immediate relief for commuters, while we wait for longer-term infrastructure projects to be completed?

Click here to read the full letter to party leaders.

We’ve asked for responses by Friday, May 30. Stay tuned.

One thought on “What the Party Leaders are Saying

  1. The city must stop approving street festival, charity fundraising events and parades of any kind, in the downtown core (Dufferin to Broadview, Bloor to Lakeshore) and on the downtown highways (DVP and Gardner), on Saturdays and Sundays.

    Do you not realize that there are hundreds of condos going up, and hundreds of thousands of people living in them???? What kind of logic makes it okay to move hundreds of thousands of people into an area, and then make it sooooo frustrating to live there; soooooo frustrating to go anywhere on Saturday and Sunday???????? STOP IT!!!!!

    There are many open spaces, such as the beach, high park, that would accommodate these events without causing so much frustration and gridlocks of traffic on weekends in our neighbourhood. We don’t ask for permission to close off neighbourhoods in the suburbs, so why do people feel that they are justified in closing off our neighbourhood for nonsense that can occur elsewhere, outside of the gridlock area of downtown?

    Also, make a charge for people who do not live downtown, but who drive into the downtown core (mentioned above) on Saturdays & Sundays between noon and 7pm. This will alleviate traffic in the downtown core which is specifically related to sports games and enternainment, and will drive them to come downtown by subway or GO transit (which reminds me – stop closing the subway in the downtown core. If there are repairs, then close the darn thing for a week or two and get it over with, or do the work during the middle of the night (10:30pm – 6am, Monday – Friday for a couple of weeks – well announced ahead of time).

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