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What’s your commute like?

FACT: We have among the worst commute times in North America, and they’re only getting worse

FACT: There’s a plan underway to tackle congestion on our roads and subways, but we need new money to fund it

FACT: No new major roads, subways, or transit lines will be build without funding from the next Premier of Ontario

What can you do?

1) Tell us about your commute at #VoteTransit

2) Spread the word! Download the poster, postcard, and Facebook Coverpage to post and distribute.



3) Call, email or tweet your local MPP candidates to ask:

    • How do you plan to fund the next wave of transportation improvements?
    • How can you gaurantee that money will be there for the long term and projects actually get done?
    • How will you improve my commute tomorrow while we wait for long-term projects to happen?


On June 12th vote for a better transportation system for the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area.



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