Working together to move the GTHA

Move the GTHA is a group of organizations working together to build awareness and engagement in support of investment in our region’s transportation system. The group is representative of a diversity of constituents and perspectives – health, labour, business, policy, environment, and citizen advocacy – yet unanimous in the understanding that investment is urgently needed. Specifically, Move the GTHA is advocating for long-term dedicated funding for an efficient, accessible, affordable and fully integrated regional transportation system, with accountable and effective regional governance mechanisms for that transportation system.

This site is a space to engage, discuss, and move towards solving our region’s transportation issues – we hope to hear from you!


In late 2011, Evergreen CityWorks and the Toronto Atmospheric Fund (TAF) convened a group of organizations passionate about raising public awareness and support for investment in transportation infrastructure in the GTHA to explore how they might create greater impact through collaboration. The group agreed that a regional approach engaging diverse people and groups throughout the GTHA was a central common goal. Subsequent meetings and conversations with a broader group in September 2012 led to the formalization of a collaborative, Move the GTHA.

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