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News Release: GTHA residents ask politicians to tackle traffic woes

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87% of residents say public transit should be regional spending priority


Transforming the way we move

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Metrolinx Chair Rob Prichard delivers a compelling vision on how Metrolinx has – and will – transform mobility in the region.


Staying on Track: Sustaining Toronto’s Momentum After the Global Recession

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TD Economics has released a report on the state of our region’s economy, and worsening gridlock is highlighted as a major challenge to long-term economic and social prosperity.


Transport Futures Mobility Funding Symposium, April 8

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The public is being consulted on various taxes and user fees (aka revenue tools) that could generate needed funds for transport infrastructure. Are citizens being given the information necessary to


Innovation Talks at Evergreen Brick Works

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In a series of six themed sessions held at Evergreen Brick Works between March 5 and April 23, Innovation Talks will explore the issues that shape our urban landscape. Three of



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