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Move the GTHA (Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area) is a group of organizations working together to build awareness and engagement in support of investment in our region’s transportation system.  Move the GTHA supports the development of a robust transportation system that connects our region with a network of public transit, regional rail, GO trains and buses, ride-sharing, and active transportation infrastructure, making it easy and convenient for everyone to get to and from where they live, work and play.

The group is representative of a diversity of perspectives – health, labour, business, policy, environment, and citizen advocacy – and is unanimous in the understanding that investment is urgently needed. Specifically, Move the GTHA is advocating for long-term dedicated funding for an efficient, accessible, affordable and fully-integrated regional transportation system, with accountable and effective regional governance mechanisms for that transportation system put in place.

The collaborative has been active since 2011 issuing reports, op-eds and media releases, conducting public polling, doing public engagement, and communicating with elected officials and government staff. In addition, we provide a community of practice for mobility champions from across the region to learn from each other and coordinate their work.


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